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Kevin MacKenzie - Screen
November 8, 2008

Kevin MacKenzie - Screen


The artist builds a wall that will later become a screen upon which to screen the process of building the wall. A plasterer in Construction, Mackenzie is making a commentary on the massive building and construction that preceded the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

A bright light is set in the corner of the room; long thin shadows are projecting off the figure in sharp angles. He is dressed all in white, t-shirt and heavy work pants. He eyes the minute red laser beam that is situated just above his head on the long, bare wall. The artist begins to work, turning on and turning up the 70’s punk music on the player at his side.

He selects a steel metal girder and places it parallel with the red beam of light, then drills the first beam to the wall. Then a second, third, and fourth are added to make a rectangle shape. Next he attaches a piece of drywall to the girders, and smoothes everything over with plaster to create a soft layering of wall against wall. The assistant hands tools and objects as the artist requests them, a suggestion of a surgery taking place, or the raw actions of construction workers? Every detail of the plaster and drywall are inspected before finishing. Next a look occurs between artist and assistant, they locate their gaze upon the raucous object of music. Hammers are selected and as both simultaneously start the final demolition, bits of hard black plastic fly through the air until the silence is once again set upon the room.

Daina Warren
Brunt 5